Our foundry is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with following to the date quality control equipment.
Raw material
Raw material like sand, ferrous alloy, virgin metals mild steel scrap etc. are been checked in our lab and spectrometer.
Foundry flux are been procured as per our requirement as well as batch no and test reports.

Melting is been processed by standard melting practices. Each heat is closely supervised by an experienced personnel, while care is taken about addition of ferro alloys and scraps are accurately weighted as per chemistry to maintain the ratio for achieving the result. Every heat is checked with pyrometer for correct temperature assurance. Prior to tapping sample is obtained for chemical analysis and inspected through spectrometer. If, sample result matches the requirement of the job, melted metal is being poured; else detected corrections are made and poured after again inspecting it.

Chemical check and test bar
Sample is taken from every heat before pouring for chemical analysis by spectrometer as well as bar is inspected for checking its hardness and tensile strength to assure the requirement of customer.

Molding is done by pneumatic ramming process and hand molding. Process of molding is dependent on type of sand used and complication of casting. Different type of sands used for casting are: green sand, co2 and sodium silicate, no bake, etc. Appropriate sand is selected in accordance with the material in use and type of casting.

Sample inspection
Before carrying out bulk production a single casting is made as a sample for conformity of dimension, hardness and tensile strength. Once every parameters are in accordance with the desired result bulk product is started.
Steps after pouring melted metal
• After completion of pouring process metal is allowed to cool down in molds.
• Then the castings are being knocked out form the molds and further on chipping is being done.
• Next come cutting of runner riser from casted metal.
• Heat treatment is practiced on metal for achieving required hardness and tensile strength.

Fatling and short blasting
Fatling is done on the metal to smoothen surface by swim grinder and hand grinder. Short blasting is done as per customer’s requirement.
Final inspection
• Dimension inspection
• Physical testing: – hardness test, bend test, tensile test.

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