Ni Hard

Ni Hard is generic name for a family of white cast iron alloyed with nickel and chromium to give outstanding resistance to abrasion and high hardness. There are two distinc group of Ni Hard composition, first one is  medium alloyed nickel Ni hard 1 and Ni hard 2 ,while the second is  Ni Hard 4. Ni Hard 4 provides fair enough wear life in variety of applications like slurry pump, mill liners, log teeth, pulverizer parts and other wear resistance casting. Ni Hard 1 is a good abrasion resistance material and is applied where impact is concern as a wear mechanism and also where low to medium dynamic stresses are expected.

Grades and Chemical Composition of NI Hard

SR NO CAST Other Common designation UNS ASTM C Mn Cr Ni Mo Fe Cu P Si S N Others
1 NiHard Type 1 JN2030 A532 Class 1  Type A 3.20~3.60 0.20~0.80 1.5~3.0 3.0~5.0 050 max 0.15 max 0.30~0.80 0.12 max
2 NiHard Type 2 JN2020 A532 Class 1  Type B 2.80~3.20 0.20~0.80 1.5~3.0 3.0~5.0 0.50 max 0.15 max 0.30~0.80 0.12 max
3 NiHard Type 4 JN2040 A532 Class 1 Type D 3.20~3.60 0.20~0.80 8.0~10.0 4.0~5.0 0.50 max 0.15 max 1.50~2.20 0.12 max

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